Laboratory Testing for Indoor Air Quality

Residential and commercial property owners in the United States who are looking for indoor air quality testing turn to EMSL Analytical, Inc. We offer quick, accurate convenient and affordable indoor air quality laboratory testing to homeowners and business owners.

The IAQ specialists and scientists we have throughout the entire country are available to you today. For over 30 years now, EMSL has been relied on for indoor air quality testing and professional results. Detection of mold, Radon, asbestos and more is right at your fingertips — we give our customers the tools to improve their indoor air quality.

Our Lab IAQ Testing Process

Get a mold test and Radon test kit from the professionals at EMRI. Once you’ve captured the results safely, return them to one of our laboratories located nearest to you.

After receiving the test kit from our residential and commercial clients, the samples returned are subject to rigorous evaluation and testing in order to uncover any potential issues lurking inside the walls of your home, office or business.

This testing, administered by expert laboratory technicians, is then evaluated by our indoor air quality scientists — we thoroughly review the results as a team to ensure no stone is left unturned, providing you with the results you need to improve your indoor air quality.

Our findings are then sent back to you, with recommendations on potential remedies for any issues that might have been discovered. You may also enlist the services of our residential and commercial indoor air quality consultants.

To contact EMSL, reach out to our IAQ team today — let us help you improve your indoor air quality today!